Ulverston Bringing Communities Together AGM Tuesday 16 th of october 2018

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Annual General Meeting


Meeting on Tuesday 16th October 2018

Ulverston Methodist Hall

(6.30 – 8pm)



Tea/coffee available  / Sign in/ Information stands.






        1.     Welcome by Chairman Dave Webster


        2.      Apologies



        3.     Introductions / Guest Speakers


               Cumbria's Chief Constable Michelle Skeer


               How does it feel as a woman being in the top job?

               What changes, if any, is she planning for the Cumbria force?                                                                                          



                Supt. Rob O'Connor will cover any Policing Issues in Furness.      




 Followed by A G M Business


         4.   Minutes of the AGM / 2017 (copy attached)

         5.   Any Matters arising from the minutes

         6.   Chairman's Report

         7.   Secretary's Report

         8.   Treasurers Report / Financial Update


         9.   Election of Officers – Any nominations

        10.  Election of Committee  - Any nominations for committee


        11.   Close of meeting.





Minutes of the A G M  2017




UBCT held it's AGM on Tuesday 17th October 2017 in the Ulverston Methodist Hall.

Chairman Dave Webster welcomed 17 attendees, including our guest speakers Joe Murray  QPM - Chairman of Cumbria N/Watch Association (CNWA), Supt. Rob O'Connor (Southern area) S. Lakes & Furness, also Insp. Paul Latham – Neighbourhood Community Inspector.


Apologies – Susie Barstow and Cllr. Mark Wilson.


Joe Murray a retired Police Officer (both in uniform & CID), and now Chairman of Cumbria   N/Watch Association (CNWA).

Since he retired, and the fact that the police now have  reduced resources, he said N/Watch had a bigger role to play in society. In his early police career, he said they virtually did everything, but now it's a different environment – N/Watch can play a significant role on community safety, but we needed to sell it better. A need to rejuvenate, but it's a bit harder because of lack of resources by police.

Crime has also changed – Cybercrime /Identity theft, Scams etc.

Regarding Partnerships & Resilience, he said N/Watch can play a key role.

The Cumbria Community Messaging service (CCM) gives a two way communication, especially as the 101 number is not as effective always, the CCM could help by passing messages on. It's a free service supported by N/Watch, Cumbria PCC, Cumbria Fire/Rescue, SLDC , Age/Uk, County Council and the Environment Agency (leaflets for joining CCM are available).

You can receive information from any of the above partner agencies via e/mail, text or phone.


Joe told us he also chairs Kendal Community Planning group, to help the community be prepared in any emergency situation – he said Storm Desmond changed everything.

He told us that recruits knocked on doors, present people with leaflets to warn and inform, and see if any needed assistance or support, such as helping to get furniture moved.

N/Watch had been working hard to get public liability insurance cover for those involved in emergency planning, he said this has now been sorted.


Supt. Rob O'Connor having been one of our previous years guest speaker said he could see familiar faces again, so didn't want to repeat his same talk, he introduced Insp. Paul Latham who is now one of the newly appointed neighbourhood policing inspectors in Cumbria, as a result of recent investment.

The incident at the 2017 Lantern procession was unexpected at a normally enjoyable family event, which he told us was caused when youngsters jumped on to trains to Ulverston – police were unprepared for the anti-social activities that followed, with youngsters carrying drink, but he assured the meeting that it won't happen again next year.


Supt. Rob O'Connor and Insp. Paul Latham covered a lot of information on dealing with festivities and events in the area, such as the Carnival with the potential for more drinking, and a need for more officers, a lot of work prior to Halloween is also done by the police and schools.

They acknowledged there had been problems with anti-social activities  like the break ins at the old Robinson's brewery site which had become very derelict and meant there was the potential to “hide away”. Cllr. Pat Jones and others voiced concerns that it had become an eyesore – but further problems should be reported.


Cartmel races -we were told that usually 6 police officers would be sufficient, but after the terrorism threat in Manchester etc, it was felt necessary to deploy more, including armed officers, but it went down well.

Other suggestions from the police was that Barrow & Ulverston licensees should work together under “Barwatch” so troublemakers would be banned from established drinking premises.


The 101 number for non-emergency calls to the police had come under a lot of criticism in the past 12 or more  months because of the length of time some of the calls can take to answer.

PCC Peter McCall was made aware of the problem when he came to our 2016 AGM.

It's been suggested  to e/mail non-urgent matters and enquiries, which can be more efficient and with quicker responses.


Charles Rogers thanked Supt. O'Connor  for  all the work in helping to keep Ulverston one of the safest towns – The Cumbria force generally was also rated good on a range of issues.


Regarding the “Blue Light Hub” which was yet to be finished. Supt. O'Connor  said the funding had been secured from all three emergency services, and he thought we would get good value from this as well as improving services to Ulverston.


The South of the county a busy area, but with the least crime, 15,000 approx. Residential burglaries saw a slight increase, whilst anti-social continues to drop.


HMIC looks at crime figures and decides how to spend money.

Funding Formula – Levelled off at present with no predictions to further cuts in police numbers. We were told the PCC Peter McCall has a good relationship with local police, and has invested in 6 extra Inspectors (one for Barrow and Dalton and one for S. Lakes).

It was mentioned that David Rossi would now assist Sgt. Rupert Johnston, in place of P.C. Shane Wheeler.



AGM Business followed


Minutes of the AGM 2016 meeting were circulated and accepted as a correct record.


No Matters arising


Chairman's Report

Cllr. Dave Webster read out his report, copies were also available.


Secretary's Report

 Copies of the secretary's report were distributed prior to the AGM, highlighting previous meetings and activities carried out over the year.


Treasurer's Report / Financial Update

Charles gave an update of the years financial situation and thanked Susan McClean for again auditing our accounts, which were available to take away – covering period Oct: 2016 / Oct: 2017, showing a healthy balance of £584.63, thanks to some generous funding from GMB Northern, Furness

Building Society, the Mayor (Cllr. Mark Wilson's) fund and Ulverston Town Council fund.


Steps were taken to move our account from the HSBC  to the Cumberland B/Society due to HSBC no longer having a branch in Ulverston.


Election of Officers       - Chairman     / Secretary         / Treasurer

                                   Dave Webster    Pat Appleton     Charles Rogers  were all elected en bloc.


Proposed George Appleton and seconded John Thomason.


Election of Committee  -   Cllr. Sharon Webster and Bob Hutton were also re-elected.


Proposed Cllr. Dave Webster and seconded George Appleton


The meeting closed just after 8pm




Pat Appleton – Secretary








Secretary's Report


Seven years since UBCT was formed –  yet despite some good, topical and interesting speakers over that time, we haven't increased our watch members sufficiently. Unfortunately unless we can attract a few more people, then the inevitable will happen - sad but true.


I know other organisations have similar problems, especially trying to get younger members involved. It seems social media is the modern way to keep in touch and spread the word,  that's why the police and politicians do Facebook & Twitter.


For those of us of the old school,  pen and paper is often more preferable, but yes, as you can see a lot of us old fogies have moved with the times, and took the plunge to “switch that computer on” and have a go with modern techno!   and many over the age of sixty are connected to the Internet.  However, now having access to the world wide web, brings a whole set of  new problems to worry about - Bob and I can vouch for that after taking up the free course this year “Get Safe Online” dealing with Cyber Awareness.

So when N/Watch has regularly pushed the message to shut doors and windows, and watch our handbags and purses etc when out and about - in the modern world we now have to learn how to “hide” our passwords, and watch out for SCAMS.

Perhaps in this modern world, this is the link between the generations, and one that we should pursue in the coming year. Perhaps helping us set up a new webpage reflecting this modern techno: stuff would be a good starting point


This next meeting our A G M – October 16th 2018, we have invited Cumbria's Chief Constable, Michelle Skeer as our guest speaker. I'm sure you can appreciate what a busy person she is holding such a high profile job, so we really appreciate her giving us her time. Please come along and listen to what she has to say, ask questions, and importantly encourage neighbours, friends and family to attend too.


We also have Supt. Rob O'Connor attending again, a very approachable guy, who can answer any local policing issues or concerns.


In addition we extend an invitation to all our local councillors, and we are in a fortunate position to have a Chairman Cllr. Dave Webster, and who with his wife Cllr. Sharon Webster, also happen to be this years Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Ulverston, in what is proving to be a very busy year for them.


Thanks also go to committee member Bob Hutton and Treasurer Charles Rogers. Both give their time freely to attend meetings, in particular the Ulverston Emergency Planning meetings held throughout the year. Charles has shown us many of his skills in UEPG (more later), as well as helping man stalls at various events. Bob too, apart from being a brilliant note taker, he has helped man stalls, and along with me and hubby George, has turned out to replace many of the N/Watch street signs around town. 



Meetings / Highlights for 2017/18.

Joe Murray QPM, Chair of Cumbria N/Watch was our guest speaker at our AGM 2017.

He himself a retired police officer (both uniform and CID) since retirement  took an active role in N/Watch issues, and said N/Watch had a significant role to play, especially with reduced police resources. He also chairs Kendal Community  Planning group, to help the community be prepared in any emergency situation, saying Storm Desmond Changed everything.

Supt. Rob O'Connor and Insp: Paul Latham also spoke on some of the policing changes etc.


January 17th 2018

Our first meeting of the new year, saw feelings running high in both locals and the fire crew  because of proposed changes to fire cover in Ulverston. Consultation had been held between Nov 2017 – Jan 2018, although many hadn't been aware until fairly recent of the planned changes. After talking with some of the fire crew, it was decided to write to our M.P. John Woodcock.

Insp. Paul Latham also came and informed us there were now 6 new Neighbourhood Inspectors posts in Cumbria, including Barrow and Ulverston. Insp. Latham's patch in SLDC covers Windermere, Ulverston and Kendal, and he divides his time between all three.


March 21st 2018

Another update from Fireman Simon on the latest developments regarding fire cover in Ulverston. As a result of the public backlash, there had been a re-think and instead of the proposed 8hrs shift for one of the pumps, it will be a 12hrs shift.

This is still a change from the 24hr full time cover – but a compromise was reached, meaning the other time will be covered by the retained crew. (it seems ironic that a few years ago we were battling to keep our retained officers, who had served the town well for many years)!!

A vote on these latest suggestions was to be held on 22nd March 2018.

It was reported that builders were now back on site at the new “Blue light hub” after lengthy delays because they were not being paid.



May 16th 2018

Because of new data protection legislation coming in later in May, and changes in privacy law,  UBCT would no longer be able to use the CNWA domain, as they had decided to move their website onto the Cumbria Community Messaging service (CCM) . Unless we found an alternative arrangement elsewhere, we would no longer have our website. Charles was to discuss the situation further with Charles Paxton, who had helped us set up our original website, but he was now living in America.

UBCT were very pleased to receive a cheque for £100 from last years Mayor Cllr. Paul Smith's charity fund.


August 15th 2018

No guest speakers at our Aug: meeting – general discussions around the Emergency planning group (UEPG) and a future “Live exercise” to be held in the town. UEPG coordinators will also be doing a first aid training exercise with Fire Officer Ian Westall, on using a defibrillator /CPR in September.

Concerns raised again about parking problems in and around Ulverston, including Ford Park.

Weeds were another issue growing out of walls and pavements (particularly buddleia). Hart Street has a tree growing over the stone wall (virtually opposite Ainslie Street) it's already grown over the pavement and now reached the road  (Ulverston in Bloom volunteers have done quite a lot of weeding around the town prior to the Cumbria In Bloom judging)


Cold callers and strangers acting suspiciously in some of the towns shops.


Bob and Pat had attended a free training course “Get Safe Online” covering “Cyber Awareness”. The courses were open to all, and funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall,  they were held in different towns in S. Lakes, Barrow, Grange, Windermere and Ambleside and lasted for 3 hrs. Covering creating secure passwords, shopping and banking on line, reporting and preventing fraud, identity theft etc.


A Summer Fete on Croftlands 30th June 2018. 

Jointly organised by Croftlands Community Safety Group (CCSG), Ulverston Bringing Communities Together (UBCT) and Croftlands Church, it was held in and around the Croftlands Community centre with various fun activities and stalls, as well as our emergency services  / Police  / Fire & Rescue  / Ulverston Inshore Rescue  / First Responders. A very hot day.


National N/Watch Week.

We had our display board /  various information leaflets, stickers and booklets in the Ulverston library between 4 - 9th June as part of National N/Watch week, also a stall at the Market Cross 23rd June 2018 (10-12 noon).


In the hopes that we wouldn't be rained off for a second year, we also booked a stand at the N. Lonsdale show on 25th July 2018, it was held at a different location – Cote-ley Farm, Lindal,

No rain, just a continuation of the lovely summer weather we have enjoyed this year, we got quite a number of visitors into the gazebo (and many enquiries were of a police nature).


Sept 9th 2018

 Barrow Police station again held an Open Day - We joined forces with Pete Thomas, N/Watch Coordinator in Barrow, and took along a mixture of leaflets/pencils/ stickers. Quite a lot of interest from people (mainly Barrow residents) I wonder if and when the new Blue Light Hub opens, Ulverston could do something similar!


As part of the Charter celebrations held in September, Charles and I  went along to the Mayor's Charter coffee morning held in the Coronation Hall. We used the occasion to give out N/Watch window stickers etc.


Our final meeting will be our AGM 16th October 2018. Hope to see you there.



Pat  - Secretary















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