Evaluation Report: Cumbria Community Messaging Oct 2012

The Cumbria Community Messaging (CCM) service won an award at Together Towards Success ceremony in October 2012, in recognition of its contribution to awards community safety in Cumbria and effective partnership working.

237 system users responded to this survey of service users.  The following snapshot of results show that being a member of Cumbria Community Messaging made over 60% of respondents feel `a bit` or `much safer`. Respondents also indicated that their opinion of the police, Trading Standards, Fire and Rescue Service and Community Safety Partnerships had improved as a result of messages sent to them.

Of the 120 respondents who had used both the previous messaging system and the new one, 93% said they were satisfied with the new Neighbourhood Alert powered: CCM system: 16% more than were satisfied with the previous system.

For further information regarding the methods used in this survey and further analysis of the results please contact Andy Baines on 07971140575 or by e mail at Andrew.baines@cumbria.police.uk

Andy Baines
Safer & Stronger Communities Manager
Police Station
Longtown Road

Tele: 101 Ext 53214 (if calling from outside Cumbria use of the mobile number is simpler)
Mobile: 07971 140575

Results summary charts:

User satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction with the community communication system

System evaluation

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Evaluation rating results

Rating results



Results: What do you like about the Cumbria Community Messaging system?

171 responses: View in depth responses

Results: What do you dislike about the Cumbria Community Messaging system?

151 responses: View in depth responses

Effect on Fear of crime

ow does it make you feel?

Your opinion of the partners

Partner satisfaction

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