Who can send Alerts, what are they for and how can you control them?

Who can send Alerts?

The Neighbourhood Alert system is a large, highly secure database that links various Information Providers with registered users of several secure websites throughout Cumbria.  Information Providers include Neighbourhood Watch, Cumbria Constabulary, Cumbria County Council, and Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service.  These Providers cannot automatically see your details or send you information.  You have to give specific permission in order for them to be able to see your details and send you Alerts.  you can also withdraw this permission instantly and control what priority of messages you wish to receive. 

What are the Alerts for?

Alerts are sent by Text and email and can be delivered by recorded or automated voice through your landline or mobile telephone.  Alerts are primarily sent to alert you to crime in your area or particular threats that you should be aware of, information sent may also be regarding Health and Safety and distributing public information.  Neighbourhood Watch may wish to send information regarding crime trends, problems or to let you know about meetings.  Members of your Business Watch may send messages through the system to other members of the same watch, these may be regarding particular local problems they are experiencing.

How can you stay in control?

You are in charge of how, when and what messages are sent to you: the simple tools allow you to choose what method of delivery is used for an Alert depending on what time of day it is.  You can stop all Alerts with one click or you can simply raise the priority level that you are prepared to accept.

Screenshot of the administration screen for addusting your community message requirements

Choose what Priority of message you are prepared to receive

The Message Setting tools allow you to control what priority level an Alert would have to be in order to be delivered to you.  You can choose to just receive Priority 1 or 2 messages (Disaster warnings etc) or elect to receive Priority 5 messages (everything).  When you first join, the default configuration is set to level 5 and will deliver text messages or voice calls (if you do not enter a mobile number) between the hours of 8am and 8pm only.
The message settings also allow you to choose to receive a copy of all your Alerts by email, a copy will also be placed in your own Message Archive which is available to you when you log in.

Various `Information Providers` are able to send information to you but ONLY if you authorise them to communicate with you by ticking the appropriate boxes.  Messages are usually sent out to users within geographical areas.


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