Cumbria Community Messaging partner list.

You are welcome to join any of the sites that are part of the Cumbria Community Messaging network of sites.  This page will be kept up to date with all of the sites that are available for you to join.  You only need to join one site and can then subscribe to a whole range of Information Providers.  If you have already joined a website powered by Neighbourhood Alert then you do not need to re-register, simply use your existing member admin to configure your account.  You can email and request that your account is transferred to any other site in the network.

Please note: if you are already registered on the Neighbourhood Alert system via any other site you do not need to re-register, if you do you may receive duplicate messages. If you already have an account and want to receive information from your local police, log in to your member area and ensure that The Police are checked in your Information Providers section.
Cumbria Community Messaging (CCM), is managed by the Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association (CNWA), offers People and Communities across Cumbria the means to receive information from Agencies in the County tailored to their particular preferences for content, priority and means of communication. Join the system here by clicking here

Neighbourhood Watch Network (NHW) represents and supports all Neighbourhood Watch members across England & Wales Register via us if you run a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Click here to register via the Neighbourhood Watch system

Cumbria Business Watch site. If you own or work at any business in Cumbria, please register your details here. If you are a member of hotel watch, camp watch, chemist watch, jewellery watch or other business type watches this is also the ideal site to register with. Join via Cumbria Business Watch by clicking here

Cumbria Farm Watch is here to coordinate the prevention crime aimed a local farms and the apprehension of its perpetrators. Join via Cumbria Farm Watch by clicking here

Website relating to Neighbourhood Watch activities throughout Cumbria. The main aims of CNWA are to help to share best practice among its members, to provide relevant guidance and information and represent its member`s interests to relevant statutory bodies locally, regionally and nationally. Join via Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch by clicking here

By signing up to this service you will receive early warnings about weather events, particularly heavy rain, so that you can be prepared for potential flooding. We will also provide information about other environmental issues, such as pollution incidents, in Cumbria.